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Gaming News Australia - Nov 2004
15 November 2004 , Australian Hotelier

maxgaming offers new pricing structure
maxgaming, a division of TAB Limited, who offers The Stash linked jackpot to NSW hotels, has announced an attractive new pricing plan. The new structure offers gaming operators the choice of linking daily fees for “The Stash” to performance. This allows small and medium hotels to maximise profits, with free installation of either Aristocrat or Ainsworth Game Technology machines on the link.
Hoteliers can either create a new link with a minimum of three machines, replace exiting machines or increase the number on the link.
There are two different options available, on a minimum contract of six months. One is a fixed fee of $14 per machine per day. The alternative is a variable fee plan of a fixed daily fee of $8.50 per participating machine per day and 0.5% of turnover if the if the average daily turnover for a machine exceeds $750.
According to maxgaming, there is a once only offer after choosing the variable fee plan to convert to the fixed fee plan, at a charge of $14 per participating machine per day.
In terms of setting up the link, there is a charge of $3,500 for site cabling and $250 per machine is charged for the link connection. Each machine is provided with a 15” LCD link sign at around $11,400 for a three machine installation. Total costs are therefore $15,660.
An added bonus is that there is no capital cost for the poker machine purchases. Aristocrat offers Xcite machines at $19 per day plus 0.5% of turnover. AGT supplies Ambassador machines with no up-front charges and 2.25% of turnover.

Slash your pokie costs with Ainsworth Game Technology’s new initiative
AGT has announced a new programme called S.A.V.E. This Strategic Value Added Exercise offers gaming venues the opportunity to purchase the company’s Ambassador and Celebrity gaming machines at extremely competitive prices – without any participation fees.
“This programme has been developed at a time which is increasingly difficult for many gaming operators to enjoy growth and profits that have been realised in the past”, AGT’s Marketing Manager Todd Triebler explained to Judi Kelly from Hotelier.
“We believe that this is a unique and affordable initiative, and allows the purchase from our vast selection of over 60 games available in both the Celebrity and premium Ambassador product range”.
For a purchase price of $1500 per year for five years, the programme also guarantees unlimited free game conversions if the game does not meet agreed performance criteria between the AGT and each customer.
Under the S.A.V.E programme, a Celebrity machine which has a total outlay after five years of only $18,000. This is less than half the price of AGT’s competitor.
The Ambassador machine purchase price Including the $1500 annual S.A.V.E fee, has a total cost after five years of only $21,000,representing a saving of $19,500 over other programmes.
“S.A.V.E effectively guarantees consistent game performance of our machines for a minimum of three, up to five years. In addition, there are no exit fees or penalties,” said Cameron Louis, NSW Sales Manager. “We’ve had an excellent reception to this programme from our customers since it’s introduction at the Australian Gaming Expo. In fact 85% of customers who have purchased our product have done so through S.A.V.E.”.

Pacific focuses on its Emax platform
Although Pacific Gaming’s Emax platform has been available for over two years, there are many hoteliers that continue to operate machines on the old Sirius platform, and are not realising the potential profits gained by upgrading.
“Emax is a far superior form of technology, compared to Sirius,” Regional Business Manager Louise Heffernan explained to Judi Kelly from Hotelier. “It offers the latest advancements for graphics and sounds, which players love.”
Emax was developed over 18 months and first released in September 2002. Over time, successful games such as Voodoo Magic and Dem Bones have been released. There are now a total of 23 games available, including Cash is King, High Honour, Tokyo Rose, Skull Magic and Carnival Dreams.
These games are available exclusively on the Emax platform, while the games Red Hot Chilli and Firebird were re-released due to their previous success in the market.
“We are working on converting machines in the market to the Emax platform, as they are far more successful with players and bring in better returns,” said Heffernan.
Emax is a PC-based platform using plug and play style components for easy serviceability. The high resolution monitor displays 65,000 colours, and sound includes 16-bit high quality stereo with subwoofer. The cabinet and styling have been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the player.
“Our games cover a wide range of themes and player betting options, in order to appeal to players visiting both small and larger sized gaming venues. Games are available in various denominations from 1c up to $1.”

Konami enhances its Konxion games
Poker machine manufacturer Konami has been refining and improving its latest platform, Konxion (pronounced “Connection”), as a result of its success in the market.
“Players have really embraced our games using this new technology,” said Denis Muddle, Hotel Sales Agent for Konami Australia.
“Our feedback from customers has indicated that these games are a valuable addition to their gaming venues. We have reworked the Konxion features. In order to offer a long-term winner for both operators and players,” he said.
First released in March, Konxion is a patented game platform with new ways to win. For instance, instead of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal pay lines, the games allow players to bet and win according to a hexagonal pattern. This resembles the game Connect 4. Furthermore, there are 17 symbols instead of the usual 15. From a mathematical viewpoint, Konami’s games designers have increased flexibility to develop a wide variety of games with numerous pay features and bonus options.
According to Muddle, Mine Magic is proving a great success with both hoteliers and players. Released only a few months ago, early figures indicate that it is one of the company’s top performing machines.

For Aristocrat, it’s all in the Game
From humble beginnings decades ago, Aristocrat has emerged as the globe’s newest gaming powerhouse. The new generation of Aristocrats cannot fully comprehend just how far the organisation has come - but the powerful legacy that preceeds five long decades of hard-work and vision reinforces their commitment to quality gaming technology.
For Aristocrat, it’s all in the game, but what does that really mean? “The Game” does not refer to electronic games alone, but rather, the cohesion of many elements, including technologies, equipment, services and, of course, people. Games are merely the tip of the Aristocrat iceberg.
Aristocrat’s flourishing service sector – Technology Services - can assume the maintenance function of EGMs on behalf of venue operators. This ensures efficient gaming facilities, and allows customisation to individual venue requirements.
Aristocrat is also a leading supplier of gaming-related systems to the international market.
In providing total gaming solutions, Aristocrat has made significant inroads into the world market, a long-term objective that has come to life through the tenacity and passion of numerous Company employees and leaders.
Dedicated individuals are primarily responsible for the metamorphosis of a small Aussie manufacturer with big ideas, into a world leader of total gaming solutions.

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