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Unique Lottery Product -"Simono" Targets U.S. and European Gaming Partners
13 April 2004 , Lottery Insider

SYDNEY, Australia (April 13, 2004) -- Well-known Australian television identity Simon Townsend has announced that he is actively seeking an offshore partner for his "Simono" lottery invention.

This follows the recent World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling that the US cannot prohibit internet gambling services from operators out of Antigua and Barbuda, paving the way for the multimedia "Simono" product to be available worldwide.

"I’m excited about the interest in my product, but to date this has been confined to Australia," said Townsend.

"However, the Australian Interactive Gambling Act, enacted in 2001, currently places enormous restrictions on the capability of my product, as most forms of internet gaming are deemed illegal. It’s about time that I expend internationally. US and European lottery Directors can immediately capitalise on my current offering, without me having to wait for the Australian Government to complete their review," he explained to Lottery Insider.

The "Simono" lottery product is a combination of lotto, a suspense game, and a jackpot game show.

Simono has already been promised a government license in Australia, in addition to national television broadcasts, which would guarantee the promotion of the "Simono" lottery.

The "Simono" TV concept would use the digits zero to nine, with a two-minute show each Sunday night, and a once a month half-hour spectacular where one person only would win an estimated US$6 million to US$25 million. Dollar bets could be made via internet, landline phone, cell phone, PDAs, and possibly even ATMs.

The idea for "Simono" grew out of a television special Townsend made in 1993 called "Chance and Coincidence", the world’s first show to offer a million dollar prize. Townsend later ran a game called "Cash Call" on free-TV where phone entries cost 50¢ and prizes jackpotted A$1000 a day.

Townsend, 58, is a games inventor, having produced successful board games, and is a 30-year veteran of television. He is a former Australian television star, best known for "Simon Townsend’s Wonder World!," a daily show that ran nationally throughout Australia for eight years and 2000 shows.

Some gambling companies have taken equity in "Simono" and invested funds, but had to drop out when the legal problems became insurmountable in Australia. The companies included AWA (then a keno operator), IGT (International Game Technology of Nevada and SportOdds.

For further information please contact Simon Townsend -

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